PEOPLE COACHING WORKS SDN BHD is a zealous company that has accumulated more than ten years of successful and effective track record in the development of leadership talents in and outside of Malaysia. As a result of its home grown learning and development frameworks, processes and solutions, it stands firmly committed to another ten thriving years of continuous innovations and improvements on experiential and accelerated leader and leadership growth activities. These activities include personal coaching engagements, gamified learning and development, business simulation experiences, project-based learning, interactive role plays, learning circles and cluster work-out sessions. All this is to realise a future filled with enriched experience, enhanced development and enlarged leadership influence for its existing and future clients.

Essential Information

Provides results-oriented and experiential-focused leadership development activities to build managers to become highly effective leaders.
  • Instituted in 2003 to provide personal improvement training to the general public.
  • 2005 – 2007: ventured to serve companies with soft skill training for all levels of staff.
  • End-2007: specialised in leadership development through leadership skills training and personal coaching engagements.

Our Merits

  • Varied, insightful and extensive experience in solving diversified learning and development challenges encountered by clients from various industries, of different sizes and across borders.
  • Leadership development experience covers c-suites, divisional heads, department heads, section heads and unit heads.
  • Types of organisations serves includes multinational companies, government-linked companies, and public listed companies in Malaysia, Singapore, Maldives and United Arab Emirates.
  • Provide complementary advisory services in managing pre-program activities, during-program activities and post-program activities.
  • Follows quality assured approach in diagnosing clients’ unique learning and development challenges, which results in a mutually acceptable learning goals and objectives.
  • Ensure learning module(s) offered is/are directly addressing the itemised challenges established during the diagnostic process and to achieve the predetermined learning goals and objectives.
  • Follows another quality assured framework, known as The LEARN Framework, to guarantee – (a) effective learning delivery at the learning site; and later (b) efficient learning application at the workplace, guided by the LEAP tool.

L.E.A.R.N Framework

The LEARN framework is made up of the following phases:


All modules will commence with a dialogue between the facilitator and the participants on existing knowledge and experience about the topic. Relevant concepts will also be introduced.


Participants can test their existing knowledge, skills and abilities through specially designed, highly engaging and lesson-packed experiential learning activities.


Also known as debriefing, participants are led to review the actions taken and its corresponding outcomes. Many aha-moments are created from this phase.


The meaning and value of learning are unique to each participant’s situation. In this phase, participants spend quite moments to internalise their unique personal lessons.


Guided by the LEAP tool, participants document their key lessons learnt and translate them into SMART-focused action plan, which aids in knowledge transfer at work.

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