People Coaching Work’s Client Charter

Our client charter reflects our absolute commitment to providing a high quality engagement, and has been established to outline what People Coaching Works Sdn Bhd does for you, and how we can jointly achieve learning and development excellence.
We consistently strive in every engagement with our clients to undertake to:
  • Fully understand your issue(s), and your goal(s)
  • Be responsive and professional in helping you to identify the right fit of solution to issue
  • Be reliable and consistent in providing accurate information
  • Protect the information divulged during discussions and only use it for the right reasons
  • Offer products and services that are primarily tailored to your needs and success
  • Be fair, impartial, responsible and trustworthy
  • Always represent our products in a clear, responsible and accurate manner so that our delivery will match your expectations
  • Admit it when we get it wrong and resolve to get it right
  • Honour our commitments
  • Build effective, positive and productive relationships with our clients based on mutual respect and understanding.
It also means that we will add value to your business by:
  • Taking a strategic and client-focused approach, based on a thorough understanding and appreciation of your issue(s), objective(s) and constraint(s)
  • Offering trusted and professional advice rather than a sales pitch
  • Providing benefits as a result of our composite research, innovation and development activities
  • Continually improving our ways of working and ensuring that our methodologies are streamlined and efficient that matches your level of professionalism
  • Being your trusted learning partner
When we meet with you, we will:
  • Keep to the start and finish times of the meeting, unless changed by mutual consent
  • Strive to achieve the meeting objective(s) within the allotted time
  • Prioritise your business interest as reflected in the learning and development options proposed

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