SPEAK UP! Communicate with Confidence


Most communication programs focus too much on delivery skills. This program is different as it delves deep into the core foundation of all communication. Participants will be expertly guided by facilitator through a game developed in-house – Speak Up! The Game. This game is specially designed to involve participants in an actual communication setting observed by their team members. Through repetition, participants then familiarise themselves with the skills which then be easily transferred to their workplace. Throughout different levels of the game, participants will be introduced new concepts and skills to be incorporated in the game. At the end of this program, participants will experience a totally different way of communicating by focusing on the core foundation of communication.


  1. To be able to communicate ideas clearly, powerfully and intentionally to inspire and lead others
  2. To concisely deliver message points, anticipate reactions, plan a strategy, deliver the message and respond to reactions.
  3. To develop strong interactive skills to strengthen relationships across teams, departments, and hierarchical levels.


Part 1: Introduction to Communication

i. Why communication is important in today’s world.
ii. What’s in it for individual communicator
iii. Introduction to Speak Up – The Game

Part 2: Confidence Building

i. Introduction to confidence
ii. Confidence building exercise
iii. Assessment review

*the confidence building is facilitated using Level 1 of Speak Up – The Game.

Part 3: Essential Foundation to Communication

i. Sharpness of listening (listening skills)
ii. Structuring of thoughts (structuring skills)
iii. Delivery of message (delivery skills)
iv: Assessment review

*essential foundation of communication is facilitated using Level 2 and Level 3 of Speak Up – The Game. 

Part 4: Essential Skills to Communication

i. Asking the right question and prompting thoughts
ii. Interpreting meaning and inferring thoughts
iii. Communicating thoughts
iv. Assessment review

*essential skills to communication is facilitated using Level 2 and Level 3 of Speak Up! The Game.

Part 5: Putting It All Together

i. Performing the art of small talk
ii. Motivating and inspiring others to take action
iii. Communicating information to gain attention and retention
iv. Handling difficult conversation

*these are all the foundation and skills put together to practice in specific types of situation. 

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