Winning Ways of a Corporate Entrepreneur

Key Outcome:

To equip corporate managers and executives with essential entrepreneurial skills where they can lead innovations and manage risks that keeps their organisation growing

Corporate Entrepreneur In Action

Day One

foundation of corporate entrepreneurship

Warm Up Exercises

  • Preparing participants to get the most out of this program
  • Re-aligning prior experience & knowledge of participants
  • ‘The Enterprise’ Game – warming up to corporate entrepreneurship
  • “Do you have what it takes” self-assessment

Critical Reasons Why Corporate Entrepreneurship is Important in your Organisation

  • Introducing the five critical reasons
  • Applying the critical reasons in the context of your organisation
  • Personal learning assimilation

What Characteristics Makes A Great Corporate Entrepreneur

  • Introducing the IDEASRAP values
  • Do you have what it takes to be a great Corporate Entrepreneur?
  • Personal learning assimilation

Case Study Exercise: Examples of Successful Corporate Entrepreneurship Project

  • Six world-class corporate entrepreneurship success stories to learn from
  • Executive group work – each learning group to study assigned case in detail and jointly formulate a winning pitch to be presented in class
  • Participants to discuss about areas of improvement in their organisation
  • Feedback from facilitator(s)

Essential Skills to PROPELED Your Corporate Entrepreneurship

  • Learn the eight highly critical skills to excel in corporate entrepreneurship
  • Incorporates activity-based learning approach
  • Compelled to experience the essential skills due to the ‘condition’ of learning
  • Introducing the LEAP exercise

Day Two

actionising key lessons learned

Recap plus Q&A

  • Guided revision of day one’s highlights
  • Q&A session to clarify participants’ doubts and uncertainties
  • Introduce topics for the day

Introducing the Personal Learning Project

  • Highlighting the key focus areas of the learning project
  • Why why why – addressing the compelling reason(s) for undertaking this project
  • Garnering support from key stakeholders
  • Finding and getting scarce resources
  • Embracing a systemic outlook
  • Striving towards seamless cross-border involvement and collaboration

Develop Personal Business Case for Innovation

  • Know and understand the organisation’s internal environment
  • Select areas of improvement as personal learning project
  • Develop business case
  • Cross check for compelling reason(s)

The Essential Skill Testing Game

  • Briefing of game instructions
  • Commencement of the game
  • Conclusion of the game with announcement of the winners
  • Guided debriefing for pronounced learning

Develop Personal Business Case for Innovation – Part Two

  • Familiarise with success metrics
  • Garnering support through research and validate evidence for improvement
  • Prepare pitch for business case based on five critical success factors
  • Individual pitching session (gamified for higher engagement)
  • LEAP exercise

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