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This is our dedicated suite of Serious Games to explore, examine and experiment actual leadership challenges encountered by our clients with the intention to design, develop and deliver highly engaging, lesson enriching and competency-enriching learning games and simulations.


Game 1 – Right on Target


To achieve selected mission in spite of issues, challenges and obstacles.


Participants play specific roles and how these roles are assigned can make or break the performance of the team. The team has to choose one of three missions to adopt and they must do whatever they could to achieve it by the end of the game. Played over four quarters, there is a short break at the end of each quarter to allow teams to re-strategise based on their quarterly performance. The focus is really on assign the right person to undertake the right role.


Performance management, Personal effectiveness, Team effectiveness, Prioritisation, Leadership abilities, Planning and Organising, Managing resources.

Game 2 – Stock Market Challenge


To make as much profit as possible.


There are four distinct windows known as the Strategy Window, Negotiation Window, Decision Window, and Trading Window. Specific skillsets are required to successfully manage the respective windows. Work pressure will be simulated to test how participants respond to it and come out on top by making timely and accurate decisions to make as much profit as possible.


Results orientation, Leadership abilities, Negotiation strengths, Communication effectiveness, Strategic thinking competence, Risk taking aptitude, Effective decision making under pressure, Trust and cooperation building, Emotional intelligence strengths.

Game 3 – Business Intelligence Drill


To have the highest cash reserves of all the players.


Teams are required to start a model company to participate in a highly competitive industry. They have to make eight crucial business decisions within the given time in every round. The aggregation of these decisions from all participating teams will have a direct impact on the performance of every team. Before the start of the next round, teams will be furnished with a standard management report. They can also purchase intelligence reports, which provide privy information about their competitors.


Business acumen, Analytical skills, Innovative abilities, Strategic thinking competence, Team effectiveness, Risk taking aptitude, Communication effectiveness.

Customized Games

At People Coaching Works, we want to design and deliver world class and games that is relevant to your business. In order for that to happen, we want to have first hand involvement in the designing stage of our games. We have co-designed several games specifically for our client’s need and business environment. Our games are designed in-house based on our research, surveys and experience with our clients. These games are mapped towards the actual job task in a typical working environment or industry our client in in. Because of that, the experience from the games will be similar to the actual experience in the workplace. The competencies and skill set required to win the game then becomes the developmental activities to succeed in the workplace.

Gamify Your Learning

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