L.E.A.D. Roadmap

Leadership Elevation Assessment and Development Roadmap

Assessment Phase

This roadmap consists of four “toll gates” in the form of gamified assessment centre happening once every quarter of the year. Participating leaders will be subjected to three days of experiential assessment activities. At the end of each activities, self and peer rating will take place. This is followed by the activity-specific SPAR report being distributed to every participating leader. At the conclusion of the each gamified assessment activity, a peer-managed learning cluster session will take place. In this session, participating leaders will perform a STEP dance to share experience, translate them into lessons learned, elicit key focus areas of development and prioritise next step actions.

Review Phase

A Post-assessment review (PAR) meeting is scheduled with the stakeholders to review the observation report that consists of general observation, strengths and deficiencies observation, mapping observation with client-selected leadership competencies and specific participants’ observation.

Important Note
Many learning programs has been decided in advance without much understanding about what is really required to help leaders grow and develop. In essence, this is like putting the cart before the horse. There will be plenty of activities without much achievement from it.
A key agenda of the PAR meeting is to carefully deliberate and identify the best way forward as far as the leaders’ learning and development plan is concern. It has been proven that this approach yields better results and achieves higher ROI for the relevant investments.

Development Phase

While the leaders’ learning and development plan is being considered, the CLEAR programs serve as mandatory core curriculum for all participating leaders. There are designed and developed to

  • Progressively elevate the minimum standards of leadership excellence within the organisation.
  • Consistently build new habits to continually strive to best personal best performance.
  • Evidently strengthens learning-workplace relevancy so that participating leaders don’t have to figure out how to apply what they’ve when the return to work.
  • Continuously support participating leaders in becoming a highly effective communicator, coach, entrepreneur, change champion and high achiever.


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