Talent Masterclass

Talent Masterclass Schedule

Winning Ways of a Corporate Champion

Date: 20th September 2016

This extraordinary programme will unleash your high-achieving potentials from within and ignite your giant within to excel just like how a Olympic Champion does.

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7 Habits of Highly Articulate Speaker

Date: 26th October 2016

This programme will help you uncover the 7 habits for impressive articulation, enunciation and pronunciation. Whether you are a salesperson, business leader, manager, entrepreneur or graduate, the ability to speak impressively will make you stand out.

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From Sales & Service Rep to Trusted Advisor

Date: 8th & 9th November 2016

This unique program is designed to provide a bridge and guide to transit sales and service reps to the coveted trusted advisor position.

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Why PCW Talent Masterclass?


of employees quoted lack of development opportunities as one their main reasons for leaving the organisation


of talent workers felt that they weren’t achieving their full potential at work.

For these reasons, the Talent Masterclass is an absolutely essential part of your investment in talent growth and development strategy.


of learners apply skills from the training to their job.

That’s why the Talent Masterclass takes learning application strategies into consideration.

1 out of 3

employees say that uninspiring content is a barrier to their learning.

The gamified learning infrastructure of the Talent Masterclass ensures gaiety, attention, motivation, engagement and retention of learning.

Ineffective training costs businesses to lose a staggering $13.5 million per year per 1,000 employees. The single most important element of an effective learning and development program is the learning process design.
To protect learning investments, the learning objectives and expected outcomes must be very clear and precise. Plenty of opportunities to practice with clear feedback. Supervisory support and condition to apply newly developed skills and knowledge.
Many traditional training programs over focus on the content of the training program and not enough on the activities before and after the training program. It feels like a cram session, full of information and facts. There is not enough time and focus on the context of the job requirement.

The Talent Masterclass courses are professionally designed to deliver learning moments through gamified learning activities.

Association for Talent Development (ATD) says that by the time participants return to their workplace, they have lost 90% of what they have learned in the training program. If the skills are not used as soon as possible, they will have big skills decay very quickly. If they learn something and they have no opportunity to practice, eventually they’re going to lose it.

In every Talent Masterclass courses, the quality of learning is assured through the LEARN framework.

Additional Unique Advantage

Gamified Learning Activities

Gamified learning activities are strategically embedded to enable immediate practice of the new lessons learned. This is followed by the expert facilitation of learning moments (a.k.a debriefing) to provide clear feedback to the participants.


To support participants sustain the learning effects over a longer period of time, they will be provided with the powerful LEAP tool. It helps them to effectively capture key lessons learned and efficiently translate the lessons into practical action steps that can improve their performance level, which in turn achieves the department’s goals and objectives.